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Ellipse Pendant (RG)


A personal favourite.
The vibrance and excitement of stars and planets in orbit ringed by the serenity and beauty of the lunar cycle. In the middle, when a star 'bursts' the planets are flung away then drawn back in by the pull of gravity describing a path in the shape of an ellipse. Change drawn as exciting, inevitable, exhilarating and beautiful.

Metal: Solid sterling Silver with 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil

Chain length: 45cm with additional closure at 40cm

Please note// All the pieces are individually handmade. 
Therefore each is piece is unique and bears original character. No two pieces are exactly the same. Some pieces have an intentional aged or blackened effect, and will continue to change and add character with time. To keep items clean and shiny, please use a silver cloth.

Sold Out
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