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Product Care

Jewellery Care Suggestions

1. Keep jewellery away from knives, paws, claws and sticky fingers.

2. Avoid chemicals like household cleaners and abrasives. Brass polish is recommended for brass, white bronze and copper pieces.Sterling silver requires regular cleaning with a silver polishing cloth.

3. When travelling with jewellery, especially earrings, a soft padded case is recommended for protection against damage.

4. It is always advisable to remove your rings before getting a manicure and your earrings and necklaces before a haircut or color.

5. Removing you jewellery before working out,doing the gardening or painting is recommended.

6. We suggest keeping them out of water especially salt water as this will age the finished surface very quickly. If they get wet with hand washing or showering just rinse, dry then clean.

7.Gold and Rose gold vermeil should be wiped clean with a lens cleaning cloth.

8.To create our black pieces, we oxidize the silver/bronze/brass until it turns black. Oxidation is a process that happens naturally, we just speed up the process.
The black oxidation, is designed to fade over time to make your piece unique to you and your experiences. As you wear it, the black will fade to the natural color of the underlying metal. The finish can always be re finished, and we do offer this service. If you would ever like it re finished, just contact us.
Depending on how often you wear your piece, the black can wear off at different speeds. To keep your piece looking black longer we recommend you keep it dry and away from perfumes,lotions and abrasives

All sixD pieces are individually and entirely handmade, therefore each piece is unique and bears original character.
No two pieces are exactly the same.

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